A Guide on How to Choose Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses

Do you wake up every morning with an aching back and sore shoulders? Put the blame on your old mattress if this is the case. By upgrading to a memory foam mattress, you get to enjoy many a comfortable night on this viscous-elastic foam material that had been developed originally by NASA scientists.

In order to ensure that you have a cheap yet premium quality mattress that suits all your needs, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration while buying a best memory foam mattress. Here we take a look at some of these factors that will help you get hold of the right kind of cheap memory foam mattress.

Find what the right size for your bed is

Memory foam mattresses can be obtained in every standard bed size so you can narrow down your search to a great extent and choose only the size that will fit the bed frame you have at your disposal. In case you don’t have a bed on which to keep the mattress, it is advisable that you get hold of one to enjoy the maximum level of comfort out of using a memory foam mattress.

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Choose the type of foam that has the most appeal for you

The most popular type of foam is the traditional memory foam and this is the category where you will get to choose from the maximum number of products. Memory foam will react to your body heat and form into unique shapes. This will help reduce the pressure points while also enabling you to enjoy the most peaceful and relaxing sleep that you may not have enjoyed in a long time.

If you are someone who tends to get extremely hot while sleeping, a gel memory foam mattress would be the better choice for you to work with. The gel memory foam is integrated with gel beads that help improve the overall air flow while not losing any of the comfort that is traditionally associated with memory foam mattresses.

A latex memory foam mattress would be a good option for those who enjoy working with more natural materials. If you are not prone to suffering from latex allergy, you will definitely appreciate this material for being a very eco-friendly choice.

Your sleep position determines the density of the mattress

A higher density of the memory foam material translates to the mattress being firmer. The standard density for memory foam bedding is around 2-pounds to 5-pounds. If you are someone who is a side sleeper then a less dense mattress would make for a more preferable option. This type of mattress will give you a better curve along the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers will typically want a denser memory foam mattress to support them in their sleep.

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Find the right level of thickness for the mattress

When we are talking memory foam mattresses, it should be remembered that these are not necessarily solid foam. So you need to do a bit of research regarding the thickness that you want to use. Thanks to the supportive nature of memory foam, you won’t be able to feel any more than the first three or four inches. In case you have opted for a mattress that is of lower density, thicker memory foam will be necessary since you will be sinking into the mattress a lot more than usual.

Choose a mattress top for the manner in which you sleep

Your sleep position also comes into play while choosing a mattress top, as much as it comes in handy for determining the right density required for your memory foam mattress. A little padding around their shoulders and hips will be of immense help to those who sleep on their sides. A pillow top or a plush top would make for a good choice in this case. A Euro top has a lot of similarity to a plush top but is usually a little tighter and firmer. With a tight top you will get the firmest surface of all and is the best choice for those who love sleeping on their backs.

Regular memory foam is made from a large number of petroleum based chemicals and is not always favored by those who are extremely health conscious. In this case you can always opt for the safer natural memory foam for use in your pillows and mattresses.

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