A Sound Sleep Prefers Memory Foam Mattress

In the early ages of 1966 memory foam mattress was developed by the Ames Research Center of NASA with a view to upgrading the technology regarding aircraft cushion safety.  The foam used in memory foam mattress is basically polyurethane with additional chemicals which makes it more viscous and increases its density. This memory foam is pretty much sensitive to body heat. It gets softened by the heat of the body in a few minutes only.

A perfect sleep or a deep sleep requires the perfect mattress which will cast away the tiredness of the whole day and prepare a refreshed one for the next day. Regarding this, memory foam mattress is the best choice. This denser mattress is more supportive to the body than any other mattresses. Due to its increased viscosity and density, this memory foam is often referred as “visco-elastic” polyurethane foam.

It is more beneficial for the body regarding sleeping on memory foam mattress. There is more you can find on the advantage list.

Compatible to Body

Memory foam mattresses are very much responsive to the exerted pressure of the body. The surface of the foam can distribute the body weight evenly. Also, it returns as soon as possible to its previous form when the exerted pressure is removed.

Body Temperature Sensitive

It is obvious that body temperature affects the sleeping. But, the good thing is that the component of the memory foam mattress is sensitive to body temperature. It becomes softer when meets high temperature and molds to the body accordingly. It is also able to provide warm comfort during cold weather as it retains the temperature.

Salvation of Pain

We know that areas of the body affected with pain contain more temperature than usual. So this memory foam mattress detects those areas with more temperature accordingly and gives relief from pain so that the body can recover quickly. It maintains the alignment of  the spine, thus keeps the body fit.

Non allergic

Regular mattresses are made from organic fibers like cotton, which attracts dust mites. For that reason, dust mites can accumulate inside the mattress which causes trouble of allergy. On the contrary, memory foam mattress is mainly made from inorganic polyurethane which prevents the accumulation of dust mites inside your comfy partner.

UniqueMotion Transfer Technology

This feature is indeed a very comfortable one for the couples. This memory foam prevents transferring of the movements of different areas so that you will not be disturbed by the movement of your partner. Thus, you will get the ultimate wonderful experience of sleeping.

Viability or DurabilityMemory Foam Mattress Topper

Generally a memory foam mattress last longer than regular mattresses. Its durability averages from 5 to 15 years.

You can find several types of mattresses like regular foam type mattress, innerspring mattress, latex foam mattress, air bed, water bed etc. available in the market. Let’s have a comparison between these featured types & memory foam mattress to find out the reason why people kept memory foam ahead of different kinds.

Comparison with Innerspring Mattress

  • The level of firm to soft is far more accurate for memory foam mattress than an innerspring mattress.
  • Innerspring mattress is generally made of coiled springs. This design helps to adjust any size, shape or sleeping position.
  • Innerspring mattress does not distribute the weight of the body evenly. This raises pain in different parts of the body, eventually resulting in an uncomfortable sleep. While memory foam mattress distributes the weight of the body evenly and provides support to important pressure points which helps to recover from trouble with various aches and pains whether mild or severe.
  • This innerspring mattress comes with low price which is affordable to all and it is available. Within reasonable price it provides much comfort.
  • Maintenance is a big issue for innerspring mattresses. It needs to be rotated and flipped after every 3 months.
  • Durability of the innerspring mattress is much less than a memory foam mattress. Springs of innerspring mattress loses 16% of their supports just in one year. It begins to sag after 1-2 years only.
  • Innerspring mattress is not hypoallergenic. Because there is a certain space in between the springs which gives a sufficient space for coagulating dust mites.
  • Innerspring mattresses provide more support & firmness to your back than general foam types.

Comparison with Latex Mattress

  • Latex mattress is generally made of latex from Hevea brasiliensis (rubber tree) and synthetic latex. When compared to memory foam you can find these points below.
  • Latex mattress is too firm that it reduces the comfort of the user. It is generally more firm than a usual memory foam mattress. But, it is well reputed for its longevity.
  • This mattress is not much helpful for back pain. Normally a memory foam mattress maintains the spinal alignment and brings comfort for back pain. But latex mattress does not give such feature.
  • This latex mattress is allergic to some people. So this makes a big issue for those people.
  • It has also the feature of motion transfer resistance and you will not also smell any odor from this.
  • Generally latex is made from the rubber tree. The natural sap of the tree is converted to solid form. So we can clearly see it is responsible for the depletion of our forest, but at the same time it has the natural flavor.
  • It is not having a temperature controlling system like memory foam mattress which does not give the users a real comfortable sleep.
  • One of its great feature is that you can customize this mattress according to its use.

Comparison with Air bed

  • The problem with the lack of temperature control is another issue for air bed. It does not respond to body temperature. So you will face an uncomfortable experience with this type of mattress.
  • One of this air mattress’s most comfortable side is that you can customize its firmness.
  • As air is its primary component, so you have to be careful about how you are using this mattress. Also, you have to keep things with sharp edges away from it.
  • Maintenance of its pump is an important thing that you have to bear in mind for this type. Again, it is odor free which surely works as an advantage.
  • This mattress does not address the feature about resisting motion transfer. So the user faces an uncomfortable sleep while his/her partner is moving. But, It is also good for the people who are having back pain and the price is also very reasonable.

Comparison with Waterbed

  • No temperature control attribute is present in these kinds of beds. You have to add more equipment to keep the water’s temperature reasonable. Otherwise in winter you may face uncomfortable experiences.
  • The memory foam mattresses make people warmer than usual, which is a negative side, whereas with water bed you can totally be abstained from this problem
  • This mattress is much noisier. As with water, it got an air bladder that makes sound with every movement. This is surely a disgusting matter.
  • The waterbed is helpful for back pain. Also, its maintenance is easier.
  • You have to be careful about leakage as this mattress is prone to leak.
  • This mattress does not resist motion transfer. So couples get a bad experience while using this mattress. But, it can mold itself according to the placed body shape.
  • Maintenance of this mattress is essential which add one more cause that why you should avoid such type of mattress.

Comparison with Regular Foam Mattress

  • This regular foam mattress is not fit for the body as it is not having such feature to respond to the body heat and pressure.
  • A regular foam mattress does not have a temperature controlling system so this lacks comfort, but is largely available in every shape & sizes.
  • It will also cause back pain. Because it does not maintain spinal alignment. Again, not many people complained about this issue, some find it comfortable enough for a sound sleep.
  • Motion transfer is also an issue for this kind of mattress. So you will feel the movement of your partner while sleeping. This is so much uncomfortable and it disturbs sleep.
  • The Regular foam mattress does not last long compared to a memory foam mattress but regular types are quite cheap compared to memory types.

Now through the process of development some more materials have been added like Aloe Vera, green tea extract and activated charcoal to reduce odor. It also provides aromatherapy while sleeping. The cover has been introduced with bamboo fiber, which repels moisture from the body and increases comfort.

After describing all the pros and cons of a memory foam mattress, I do not think that it needs more words to say why a memory foam mattress is better than other mattresses. If you want proper comfort with improved technology than obviously memory foam mattress is the best choice. At first let yourself know about the product then step forward to buy it.

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