Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good for You?

Who Should Use a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam mattresses are recommended for every person who wishes to enjoy undisturbed sleep and have a good night rest.

Memory foam products are ideal for persons who suffer from restless sleep. They are constructed in such a way so the memory foam products adapt to the body contours and temperature. In other words this type of mattress memorizes the form of the body. In the issue it will provide the ideal head, spine and neck support. Thus you will forget about sleepless nights.

Persons who suffer from fibromyalgia should also draw attention to the memory foam mattresses. This is a medical disorder that inflicts unbearable and strong pain. You can take away muscle pain that some types of mattresses strengthen by using memory foam mattresses. It is worth mentioning that many people who suffer from low back and muscle pain find the given type of mattresses to be perfect at helping a person to relieve him/her from pain. Pressure relieving tests show that memory foam mattresses significantly reduce pressure issues thanks to the mattresses property to distribute body weight.

Other persons who can benefit from the healing and therefore wonderful properties of memory foam mattresses are those who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites that gather in regular mattresses. A great number of memory mattresses are designed to resist mites and allergens. The dense nature of memory foam products prevents the appearance of dust mite.

Memory foam mattressses


If a person is overweight, the given type of memory allows distributing his/her body weight evenly. In the issue s/he can enjoy a restful and sound sleep. As opposed to spring mattresses, memory foam products prevent creating dips in the mattress. To ensure this effect, people who suffer from excess weight should use a thick memory foam layer and strong secondary structure. Thus the body weight will be distributed across all points efficaciously.

Finally, memory foam mattresses are ideal for people who just want to have a sound sleep. It has been proved that persons who sleep on such beds are less likely to wake in the night. In addition, if you suffer from low back pain, neck pain or pressure point issues, try the memory foam mattress. You will enjoy a restful and undisturbed sleep.

On the basis of the above said, one may come to the conclusion that memory foam mattress are recommended for every person who wants to have a good sleep.

In What Way Do Memory Foam Products Work?

Memory Foam is used in the furniture industry for the manufacturing of pillows, mattress toppers, mattress pads and mattresses with the orthopedic effect. Memory foam responds to body temperature. That is why this material is endowed with the ability to remember body contours and alleviate pains. Memory foam keeps comfort and healthy body position as well as creates the feeling of pleasant weightlessness.

Memory foam material has a porous structure that consists of microscopically springs that shrink under the influence of body weight and temperature. The tiny cells (memory cells) grow soft and take the exact body contours. The memory cells can move under pressure and change their initial position to adapt to the contours.

Memory foam has a self-ventilation structure that allows the air to circulate freely inside the mattress, thus keeping constant neutral temperature. The material evenly distributes the body weight on the whole mattress surface by lowering squeezing on the most sensitive body areas such as shoulders, knees, hips and feet. At the same time Memory Foam ensures higher support for the body curves that often remain without the appropriate support.

Outwardly memory foam resembles the yeast dough. When pressing it there a dent remains. When the pressure is removed, the memory foam gets its initial position. Memory Foam is thermo sensitive. The body temperature warms the material and it becomes more elastic by filling all the unevenness. This gives the superior anatomic effect. You have the feeling as if you lie on the water surface.

Memory foam items are chosen by persons who value full comfort and restful night sleep. Memory foam also helps by easing tension and pain. The price for memory foam mattresses or pads is usually very high. Before purchasing memory foam mattress it is advisable to try a memory foam pillow. In case if the pillow works and lives up to your expectations, you may buy the memory foam mattress or pad. There may happen that a memory foam pad works very well and thus you do not need purchasing a mattress. Anyhow, there is a big choice of memory foam products available at different price range.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Bag the Best but Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

Shopping for a cheap memory foam mattress is very tricky, especially if you want wine for beer money. In spite of that, there are still practical things you can do to prevent yourself from spending extra money for a quality visco elastic foam mattress. It is also important to be aware that there are some cheap memory foam mattresses that are literally detrimental to your health. There are a number of deceitful companies out there looking to prey their customers in buying poor-quality memory foam mattresses. They create false claims and advertise their mattress as a “top-of-the-line” product but at a questionable price. Don’t be fooled because there are some who even sell products that are not visco elastic foam at all.

Here are some possible things you can do to avoid being duped by dishonest salesmen.

Look forward to discounts: Pricey memory foam brands such as Tempur-Pedic goes on sale or discounts everyone in a while. More often than not, furniture stores offer discounts and markdowns on mattresses. Be prepared for End of Season Sales, Black Friday, and Holiday sales, sometimes even Store anniversary sale so that you can save up to 70% of the price.

It’s always a great idea to take advantage of these events so that you can buy a cheap memory foam mattress.

Purchase straight from the warehouse store. The products sold in furniture stores and malls went through different “middlemen” making the prices jack up. It is more inexpensive to buy in warehouse stores because they do not need to worry about the expensive overhead costs, such as store rent, electric bills, and commissions unlike in stores.

Mattresses with high-density foams are usually expensive be that as it may not all needs a very stocky bed. Try to find lower density beds because aside from the fact that they are cheaper they can relatively provide opulent comfort and splendid pressure relief. You may also opt for a memory foam topper instead of getting a whole mattress. If your current mattress is still in good condition, you may incorporate a best memory foam mattress topper because aside from being affordable it can also give you the comfort you require.

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