Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress – The Touch of Nature

What is the Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses or memory mattresses as they are better known as have a top-up layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material which we usually call memory foam. This mattress type does a good job of relieving pressure from the painful joints but tend to be more expensive than a spring mattress.

Lying on a bamboo memory foam mattress feels a great deal different from a regular mattress which makes it not-so-convenient for everyone. Many people have complained of these mattresses being too hot for their liking. However, those in favor of this product like it to such an extent that they simply cannot do without it.

Bamboo MattressWhy is the Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress So Popular?

If there is one reason that makes bamboo memory foam mattress more popular than anything else, it is the fact that it molds with the shape of our body. This material gets affected by our body temperature and usually remains hard and cold while first going to bed. While reacting to the body heat, it molds to the shape of the body, making it more difficult to move or get out of bed as opposed to some other mattress types.

Bamboo memory foam also reduces the air circulation around the body and creates a warmer feel. Though this will be beneficial in winter, it won’t help during the summer months. It is also difficult to turn over a memory foam mattress because of its weight. However, they can be turned around and may also come with a handle to assist in this task.

Let us now take a look at one of the popular bamboo memory foam mattresses in the market.

Foamex Premium Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover

This bamboo memory foam mattress is a good choice for those buyers who are conscious about making good use of their money. For those interested to know, the product is manufactured in the United States. There are different thicknesses and densities to bamboo memory foam mattresses and the general rule-of-thumb states that anything having less than three pounds of density should not be purchased. These can cause discomfort during sleep.

The bamboo memory foam mattress from Foamex has a memory foam comfort layer density of four pounds which offer considerable amount of support to the major pressure points on the body. It has been found that a higher density of foam results in sweating at night and creates discomforts for the sleeper. This makes the four pound density of this mattress just ideal for those looking for a comfortable bout of sleep.

The memory foam mattress industry considers a product of thickness 8-10” to be the standard. The Foamex eco-friendly bamboo memory foam mattress has a thickness of 10” which is more than adequate for a comfortable rest. Anything thicker could make it difficult to fit standard sheets on so it is recommended to stick to a mattress thickness of 10-12”.

A bamboo memory foam mattress such as this one makes use of natural plant-based ingredients rather than petroleum products. Thus the smell released by it at the time of first use is barely noticeable.

bamboo memory foam mattressPros of a Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress tends to mold as per the pressure of the body and spreads your weight equally over the mattress surface. This alleviates any feeling of strain on the body and also from the critical pressure points so that you feel comfortable and protected. The end result is that you get to enjoy a night (and subsequently many nights) or comfortable sleep.

Stress Relief

A bamboo memory foam mattress comes in very handy especially if you are suffering from pains and aches. With state-of-the-art pressure relieving technology, it eradicates pressure build up in the body and allows you to stay relaxed and comfortable in bed.

Hot Therapy

A memory foam mattress such as the Foamex helps in maintaining near perfect temperature of the human body while sleeping. They help in keeping warm during cold weather and can also aid in cooling down during warmer conditions when a coolsport or maxicool equivalent cover is used. The technology used in production of this mattress allows it to respond to the temperature of the human body so that individuals can enjoy the perfect sleep at night.

Spinal Alignment

A bamboo memory foam mattress is capable of maintaining correct alignment of the spine. This guarantees a healthy and invigorating sleep to help people stay safe and feel fresh in the morning.


Polyurethane foam is used in preparing this memory foam mattress. It keeps the product protected against dirt and debris, making it a safe choice for consumers who suffer from allergic conditions.

16 Inch Bamboo Memory Foam MattressCons of a Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Low Support

Due to the flexible nature of this memory foam mattress which makes it contour according to pressure, the body does not get firm support. For those who enjoy a firm support from their mattress, this product won’t be suitable for them. Also, if you are the type who likes to toss and turn in bed then you won’t enjoy this mattress as your body will tend to sink in it.

Sensitivity to Heat

The hot temperature created by a bamboo memory foam mattress has its positive as well as negative aspects, especially for those who are very sensitive to high temperatures. Those who tend to sweat a lot in their sleep can be in for a nightmarish experience while on a memory foam mattress and this can result in restlessness while sleeping.

Tips on How to Care For Your Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Even though it is made from natural materials, there will be a light odor on the Foamex bamboo memory foam mattress. Air it out for a few hours before laying it out on bed so that you don’t have to fight with the unruly smell.

Leaving out the memory foam mattress in the sun periodically is also recommended as this will help in removing all forms of moisture and kill germs. Moisture is responsible for the creation of mold and mildew which can cause irreversible damage to the product.

Avoid using high levels of heat as it can agitate the memory foam and cause unwanted distortions to the bamboo memory foam mattress.

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