Bed Bugs versus the Memory Foam Zippered Mattress Cover

Whether you have a best memory foam mattress, latex mattress, or other type of mattress, it may be infested with bed bugs without your knowledge, making a zippered mattress cover important to own. These tiny parasites come out at night, feed on their human hosts, and then disappear back into the bed, leaving behind an itchy sleeper. There are very few things that can eliminate the problem, but learning the facts about these bed bugs can help you control them.

Bed bugs are a common problem in many homes. Their bite is painful and can quickly turn your pleasant night’s dream into a nightmare. There are very few ways to deal with this issue effectively, but a zippered mattress cover may be the easiest solution. A high quality zippered mattress cover may not eliminate the bed bugs, but it can prevent them from coming into contact with you.

Memory Foam Zippered Mattress Cover


Bed bugs may be hiding in your bed

Bed bugs are small blood-sucking parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. They live in a lot of places, but beds are one of their favorites. They are nocturnal creatures, coming out to feed on their hosts at night, which usually allows them to go unnoticed. They typically feed for about five minutes and then disappear back into their hiding place. Zippered mattress covers can stop this problem.

The bug has two hollow feeding tubes, one to inject anticoagulants and anesthetics into its victim and the other to suck blood. Due to the anesthetics bites are usually not felt until after the bugs are long gone. But once the anesthetic has worn off and the injected agents have caused skin irritation and inflammation, the desire to scratch appears.

A Zippered Mattress Cover May Be the Cheapest Way to Stop Bed Bugs

A zippered mattress cover or memory foam topper cover can help stop the bed bugs from coming into contact with an individual, but it’s imperative to buy the right type. Bed bugs can hide and lay eggs in seams, pockets, and folds so you need a cover devoid of these hiding areas. This leaves the bugs without a place to live or hide.

A zippered mattress cover is an ideal solution

A zippered mattress cover is the best choice because the zipper can completely enclose the mattress or memory foam where the bugs are hiding. However, the zipper must fit tightly and have small enough teeth so the bed bugs cannot escape.

Membranes can make your cover impermeable to bed bugs

A zippered mattress cover should also have an interior polyurethane-based membrane. The membrane not only makes the cover escape-proof for the bed bugs, but it also acts as a barrier between the sleeper and the memory foam which can reduce or eliminate allergy or skin reactions to the foam. Be aware that some covers only have this membrane on one side, the top, while others include it on all sides. Having it on all sides will ensure protection even if you should flip the mattress periodically. Your best choice is to find a zippered mattress cover that includes a membrane on all sides.

Covers should be made of tightly woven fabrics

Loosely woven fabrics do not make good covers. Bed bugs are very tiny and can easily walk through openings in loosely woven fabric. This makes it important to buy a zippered mattress cover made with tightly woven fabric so that complete entrapment of the parasites can be achieved.

Don’t forget the pillow protectors

Premium pillow protectors should also be purchased because bed bugs can hide in pillows just as easily as mattresses. If these methods do not stop the problem it means these parasites are hiding in other areas of your home. In this case you may have to resort to disinfecting your entire home which is best done by a professional pest control company.

Zippered Mattress Cover

Even without a bed bug problem there are many reasons for buying a high quality zippered mattress cover. Memory foam contains chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation in some people and a good cover can prevent or reduce these problems. This makes a high quality zippered mattress cover perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

They can protect against dust mites, pet hair, stains, and spills and will also increase the life expectancy of the mattress. Mattresses without covers become easily damaged or torn and don’t last very long. This makes it a lot more cost effective to buy a zippered mattress cover instead of replacing the entire mattress more often.

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