Best Price Mattress 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Product Description

A memory foam mattress from Best Price gives you a greater level of comfort as compared to the traditional varieties of spring mattress. It offers a great level of firmness under normal temperature conditions as you start to immerse yourself on this foam mattress. Once you put yourself down on it, the memory foam will mold as per the contour of your body. This allows the weight of your body to be redistributed and relieves the pressure points. It features a patent “pressure-relief-system” which is made up of multiple layers of foam. This has been specifically developed for reducing pressure points and increasing circulation to give a more restful sleep.


  • The memory foam mattress is made up of rich poly terry fabric cover
  • A patented pressure relief system allows increased circulation while reducing the pressure points
  • Use of compression technology allows the mattress size to be reduced by as much as 50%
  • Fresh and active charcoals allow the freshness to be retained while controlling unfavorable odor
  • The memory foam has approval from CertiPUR-US
  • If you are using it on a platform bed with slats, there will be no need to use a box spring
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty will cover all manufacturing defects that may compromise your quality of sleep as originally promised by the mattress

This 6-inch memory foam mattress from Best Price is not your typical mattress set – this is an advanced sleep system provide relief and optimum support against joint pain. It provides a plush and luxurious feel you would normally associate with expensive bedding products but at a greater value for money.


  • It will eradicate all support problems for your body so that you can enjoy a more relaxing rest during the night
  • CertiPur-US certification ensures your body gets the right kind of support where your body is in need of it the most
  • A solid, rigid steel platform gives protection to your mattress on a strong, stable base
  • It can be setup with minimum ease
  • The price is really great and affordable
  • The best choice for those who love firm mattresses
  • Very light as compared to inner spring mattresses which allows it to be moved around easily
  • Chemical smell does not last more than a day
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty protects against all damages

Best Price Mattress 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


  • If you are not fond of firm mattresses, you will have to spend a little more on a topper
  • Owing to heat retention, tends to get little too warm during the summer months. A microfiber or polyester filled topper will be necessary for added comfort
  • Memory-foam is of just 1-inch thickness which is not sufficient for something being advertised exclusively as a memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Maintenance Tips

A brand new Best Price 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress will always be relaxing for your body but may become lose and soft over time. As a result it demands certain amount of extra maintenance so that the product can have better longevity and remain useful for you over a longer period. Here are some tips to help you maintain your memory foam mattress better.

  • Provide your memory foam mattress with a robust platform: It is important to have a robust platform for your memory foam mattress. A box spring is a good option as it gives some height that is beneficial both for you and your memory foam mattress. In case you have not purchases one, try getting it along with your product so that it has a robust platform to start with
  • Subject your memory foam mattress to regular cleaning: Your memory foam mattress should be cleaned from time to time. Though they do not attract a lot of dust as compared to ordinary mattresses, you still need to clean the mattress as carefully as you would any ordinary mattress. You could use a wooden slat for your memory foam mattress but dust particles still find their way inside so you need to continue cleaning it
  • Use a cover for your memory foam mattress: A pristine mattress will always come in mattress covering which keeps the product safe against dirt and dust. However, people tend to throw it away without much consideration with the primary complaint being that it interferes with their sleep. It is best to leave the cover on your memory foam mattress for as long as possible to get better protection against dust
  • Leave it out in the sun: Leaving your memory foam mattress in the sun acts as a direct disinfectant. The foam dries out comfortably and prevents moisture from getting trapped which could otherwise lead to a generation of molds and allergens

By following these golden maintenance rules, you can ensure that your Best Price 6-inch memory foam mattress continues to give you the level of comfort for which you bought the product in the first place.

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