Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers

How often have you spent night after night turning on to your side in order to get some good rest while sleeping? I’m sure I know the answer to this one – very frequently! So how do you go about buying yourself the best mattress to sleep upon if you are a side sleeper? Pelvic rotation, support, and firmness are some of the important factors that need to be taken into consideration while selecting your next memory foam mattress for side sleepers. While back sleepers are more prone to air flow issues and snoring problems, side sleepers usually get troubled with pain in the neck, back, or hip.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers

Why a good mattress is necessary

It has been found that on an average a third of our lifetime is spent in sleeping. As a result it can be safely said that sleep is something that can never be underestimated. A moment of some good sleep and rest usually brings about a feeling of renewal and freshness. So it is important to spend some time in looking for a good mattress before rather than making a beeline for the pharmacy every time you find yourself falling short on sleep.

A good mattress always translates to good sleep

By having a mattress that suits you, you will be able to enjoy the kind of sleep that you always had when you were young. Good sleep brings with it a good number of health benefits. When you sleep on a comfortable mattress, it reduces your stress to a great extent.

At the same time, a bad mattress is a potential health hazard with discomfort being one of the most obvious outcomes. A sleeping surface of a poor quality will also lead to a great deal of pain which will leave you feeling uncomfortable through the night. Sleep deprivation can subsequently cause unnecessary mood swings and result in slower metabolic functions.

Memory foam mattress for side sleepers

Things to take into consideration

There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration while choosing a mattress for side sleepers. Here is a look at some of these aspects.


The first thing that you need to take into account is the firmness. If you are a side sleeper, then you are likely to want something that is in the firmness scale of soft to moderate. A soft mattress that offers a great deal of support will help in relieving the pressure from your back and neck. Firmness is probably the single most significant attribute that side sleepers always want to take a look at. This is largely due to the very nature of the position they sleep in. For providing the proper level of support, the mattress should be able to contour as per the curves of your body. A mattress that has soft or medium firmness will let your body to sink in a little more than is necessary. This way the best memory foam mattress can contour to your body shape.


A mattress that offers a good degree of support will help in relieving the pressure points while maintaining the alignment of your back, neck, and spine. Once again this is an important factor for the side sleepers since they could already be faced with the issue of a misaligned spine. You need to realize that there is a fine line of difference between hard firmness and support. You could yet experience the same kind of support even when sleeping on a softer mattress. While looking for a new mattress that will meet your side sleeper requirements, look for a product that will contour to the shape of your body. A foam mattress offers a good deal of advantage if you are a side sleeper while design-inspiring, well-built ones can be equally effective as well.

Pelvic rotation

Pelvic rotation usually happens when there is a certain degree of misalignment between the lumbar spine and back muscles. It takes place when a sleeper curls their legs or twists in opposition to how his upper body is positioned. “The sprinter” position is a good example where the sleeper has one leg fairly bent while the other one is kept straight. This causes the upper body to rotate and take up the position of a stomach sleeper while the lower body continues to remain on its sides. Any prevailing neck or lower back pain could get worsened under such circumstances. Preventive measures should be put in place before you start to experience an unfavorable pain.

Your height, weight, and stature are other factors that will determine if your chosen memory foam mattress is the right one. All of these aspects have different effects on your body. It is advisable that you do a good amount of research before selecting the best mattress for side sleepers.