How to Choose the Type of Mattress as per Your Sleeping Position

Now that you decided to get a new Mattress for your bed let us help you in selecting one. There are a lot of criteria that you must keep in mind while buying a suitable mattress for your bed that will make your night a good night. The factor to be considered includes the thickness, weight, physical ailments, special requirements, kind of material required, etc. Along with this a key factor that will help you choose the correct mattress for yourself is your sleeping position. If you have a particular sleeping posture and you are aware of it then it can get you a better mattress than anything else. All you have to do is analyze your sleeping pattern and then it is easy to decide.

Choose the Type of Mattress as per Your Sleeping Position

How does sleeping position play any role in choosing the mattress?

Depending on your sleeping position you can decide on how much support which part of your body needs, how much weight and area is covered at a time while you lay down on your bed, that is your overall body weight and if you have any delicate areas in particular.

Mattress based on sleeping position

You might be a back, stomach and side sleeper so now we would take each one of these and guide you which mattress you can buy this time to improve the comfort and the overall sleeping experience. In your supine position the curvature of your spine is important and that is how we decide on the kind of mattress.

Stomach Sleeper

The mattress considerations that you have to make if you are a stomach sleeper include the softness as well as firmness. For these kinds of sleepers no matter how unhealthy their sleeping position is, you should opt for a moderately soft mattress which is not very firm. This assures that while you lay on your stomach at night, your spine can still maintain its normal curvature. Too much curve due to a soft mattress and too less of it due to its huge firmness is not appropriate. This in turn might lead to achy mornings. Specifically Coil spring mattresses are not for you, avoid it.

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers are the healthiest people of the lot. This is the position that we recommend for all of you. It can improve the blood circulation and reduces the pressure on the lungs; acid reflux can also be reduced along with a number of other benefits. As either of your shoulders and hips is bearing all the body weight it might be painful for them also. So we suggest you get one of the memory foam mattresses that will evenly distribute the pressure points and help you out of that pain. Moderately soft memory foam will also help you get a little support and firmness to your hips and shoulders.

Back Sleeper

Your back is the most delicate position susceptible to pain now so to take care of it you can use memory foam mattress that is little more firm than plush. You might tend to sweat more than even if you are lying on your back so memory foam will be of immense help along with distributing the pressure points it will absorb your body fluid and help you remain dry all night long.

Today in the markets there are a lot of mattress of different materials which will only confuse you but if you know your priorities and you have analyzed your sleeping position properly then it will be a piece of cake for you to choose a mattress. So go on and make tonight a good night.

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