Convoluted Foam Mattress Topper – Better Sleep with the Egg Crate

If you would ask any sane normal being, they would totally agree if you ask them if sleep was an important and crucial part of health. It has been said that you need at least six to eight hours of sleep to become rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning.

Since there has been a lot of factors which are becoming reasons for your instability with sleeping like tiredness, stress, too much caffeine, type of food eaten and even activities for the day. Sometimes when one is too much busy, you end up either too tired or too hyper to sleep well. That is why when you get to wake up the next day, you end up drained as well.

Convoluted Foam Mattress Topper


One way to help you with your sleeping issues is the new foam mattress toppers. Because of the high demand for these toppers there are a few choices that are designed and produced for your preference and convenience. There is the best memory foam mattress topper, elite, latex, polyurethane and convoluted foam mattress topper or simply called the “egg crate” foam mattress topper.

You might be wondering an egg crate? If you haven’t noticed, how are eggs kept safe and unharmed when transporting from one place to another? This is because of the carton they are placed in, these convoluted shaped cartons help in the distribution of weight evenly and stabilizes pressure points which avoid breakage or jarring of the breakable eggs.

You might be wondering how eggs become comparable to how we sleep. If you think about it, comfort, less pressure points and even distribution of weight are the most basic features of a convoluted foam mattress topper. Since this kind of mattress improves circulation, it will give you results on having the most restful sleep you’ve ever had.

Adding the convoluted foam mattress topper to your existing mattress is one way to have a bed that is more comfortable and which relieves pressure points giving you remedy on your body aches and pains. And again since blood circulation and weight are distributed fairly, your body will react positively by sleeping easier.

Because of these helpful benefits you get from the convoluted foam mattress topper, buying a new mattress or bed gets deleted from the entire picture. Not only is this mattress topper cheaper than a mattress bed, you will be experiencing the same benefits and results as well.

The convoluted foam mattress topper is designed through the process of using special equipment to produce “egg carton” like dimples to the foam. These dimples are what keeps your body cool, comfortable and supported in all the hours you are resting or asleep. Depending on one’s preferences, there are several types of convoluted foam mattress toppers they can choose from depending on the peaks and bases of the foam. In the end, the user’s preference is required since they will be the one benefiting from it.

Think of all the nights you had without the help of a convoluted foam mattress topper obviously you will continue to have No comfortable restful nights, no consistent support and no pressure reduction.

Think about all the benefits you are getting with a convoluted foam mattress topper. With all the resolutions you are getting with one mattress, surely you can’t don’t anymore on how this can be a very good investment for you.

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