How to Find the Best Quality Memory Foam Topper Cover

When trying to decide which topper cover is best there are several things that should be taken into consideration. You will certainly want to look at the design, color, and thread count of the mattress topper cover, but there are other important factors as well. Examining your specific needs will make it possible to choose the right memory foam topper cover for you personally.

A high quality topper cover can have many benefits depending on which one you buy. If you decide to buy a cover simply because it looks nice you could be missing out on some very important qualities that might help you sleep and feel better. Buying the right cover for you personally will require you to look at three factors, the design, color, and thread count.

Picking out an attractive topper cover design

Let’s start with the visual factors. The design of the topper cover can be one of the most important factors for you. Without a nice-looking design it might not fit the décor of your room. The ideal cover will match the other bedroom furniture. If your furnishings are contemporary you will want a mattress pad cover that will complement them well. A room with a modern look will require a totally different design.

The color of a topper cover is also an important factor

Another important visual factor is the color. If your bedroom has a modern look to it with lots of blacks and whites it may not be a good idea to go with a brown topper cover. Some colors can easily clash so it is important to match the color of the topper cover with the colors in the room. This doesn’t mean they need to be exactly the same color; they just need to go together visually. If you have bright colors throughout the bedroom you will want bright colors on your cover.

Quality Memory Foam Topper Cover


The thread count may be the most important factor

The thread count is the amount of thread in one square inch of fabric. Typically, the higher the thread count in a topper cover the more comfortable the cover will be. And the more comfortable it is the better night’s sleep you will usually have. No matter what type of latex or best memory foam topper or mattress you own you will want to add a cover that will be just as comfortable.

One way you can get fooled by thread count is due to the thread ply, which can artificially inflate the thread count. A higher thread count normally translates into a better topper cover, but even the experts argue about the proper way to measure thread count.

Threads can be natural or synthetic. A single synthetic nylon thread may be many yards long while a natural cotton thread will be so short it will need to be spun into threads. Multiple cotton fibers can be twisted together to form threads. A single spun cotton thread can either be used as one thread or used to create stronger threads by twisting more than one thread together.

If two cotton threads are twisted together you will create a 2 ply yarn. The yarn can then be weaved together to create a fabric. However, it must be noted that Egyptian cotton fibers are much longer than other cotton fibers. Egyptian cotton can be spun into much smaller diameter threads while maintain its strength.

Trying to determine thread count when the fabric is made with yarn can get confusing. Some experts will count a 2 ply yarn as 2 threads while others will count it as 1 thread. This is why it is important to read the label very carefully. If you want to compare two topper covers how can you tell which one has the higher thread count?

How to compare thread counts

Let’s compare two fabrics to determine which one has a higher thread count. For our example we’ll say that one fabric has an 800 thread count single ply and the other has an 800 thread count 2 ply. The single ply will have 800 yarns with 1 thread, or 800 threads per inch. The 2 ply will have 400 yarns with 2 threads each, or 800 threads per inch. They both have an identical count with the difference being how it was woven and twisted together.

The main thing to remember is that short fibers are inferior to long fibers regardless of how they’re woven or spun together. You can’t go wrong by sticking with a topper cover made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

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