LUCID 16 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Charcoal Bed

There is nothing better than a comfortable sleep at night. You wake up full of energy and in great mood. This is perfectly possible with the use of a best memory foam mattress. Currently, the choice of models is extremely wide and picking the ideal one for you can be challenging. As a physical therapist, I have been asked to make recommendations many times and I decided to produce reviews of the most popular models so that every buyer can make the right choice for him/her. I know how important it is to select the right mattress especially if you have back problems. Consider my review of the 16″ LUCID® by LinenSpa natural latex and memory foam mattress plush four-layer with bamboo charcoal bed.

This Lucid memory foam mattress review will focus on each one of the features and capabilities of the product separately. I will assess them objectively and as thoroughly as possible. You can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the model which will be outlined here to make the final decision. Now let me describe the product in brief.

Product Description

Each of the four layers of Lucid LinenSpa is unique. The bottom one is made from high density foam. Then there is a natural latex layer followed by a plush memory foam layer. The top layer is made from memory foam and is infused with bamboo and charcoal. The Lucid memory foam is based on the so called open cell technology. The cover of the mattress is made from a bamboo fabric blend. It can be unzipped and removed for washing. You can select from five different mattress sizes and namely twin, full, queen, king and California king. The product has a 25-year warranty.

LUCID 16 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Charcoal Bed



The total thickness of this memory foam mattress is 16 inches. This makes it one of the thickest available in the market. This provides for great support irrespective of the weight of the user and their preferred sleeping position.

The base layer of LUCID mattress measures some 10 inches. It is made from high density foam. The thickness of the base and the material which it is made from make it a highly reliable support provider. You should not expect it to change its shape and structure even after many years of use. The material is extremely durable as well. It will not break into pieces or decay.

The layer made from natural latex and measuring 2 inches sits on top of the base one. I would like to point out how special this feature is. There are not many mattresses which use both latex and memory foam so this combination makes this particular model stand out in the crowd. Natural latex ensures superb support in the long term as well as in the short one. This layer gives the mattress the firmness which is necessary to hold your body in a comfortable way.

The latex layer of this memory foam mattress is ventilated. It allows for the free flow of air within the mattress. This is another feature which provides for your comfort. It has a natural cooling effect which counters the warmth which is typical for memory foam when a person lies on top of it.

This natural latex foam mattress of Lucid LinenSpa is 3 inches thick. This thickness is sufficient for this unique material to display all of its properties. It will give you the comfort that you require.

The top layer of the mattress is made from bamboo and charcoal memory foam. It is 1 inch thick. This layer will mold to your body perfectly. It offers the perfect combination between support and softness.

The infusion with bamboo and charcoal has several benefits which I would like to point out. This infusion makes the material antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. That way, you will be protected from all kinds of pathogens and allergens. Besides, bamboo is known for its potent moisture-wicking properties which provide for extra comfort and make the material even more durable.

The open cell technology is a major feature which deserves your attention as well. It makes the useful life of the memory foam much longer by making it more resilient. This resilience prevents body impressions which tend to last long. Every time when you get out of bed, the foam layers will become perfectly even and flat no matter how long you have been using the mattress for.

The zip-off cover of Lucid mattress is made from a bamboo fabric blend. In addition to being antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, it is soft, gentle and smooth. It is resistant to dust mites and easy to maintain as well. You simply need to remove it and put it in the washing machine.

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The memory foam layers of Lucid mattress automatically conform to your body shape forced by the pressure which the weight creates. This is possible because the material absorbs some of the heat produced by your body and becomes suppler. That way, you get maximum comfort no matter how much you weigh and no matter what your sleeping position is.

This mattress provides excellent support and complete pressure relief thanks to the unique combination of latex and memory foam layers. Your spine will be perfectly well aligned. You will feel your neck and shoulders fully relaxed. This mattress can reduce the pain and discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders greatly to give you the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

There will be no transfer of motion between two partners that share the same bed. This is provides for even greater comfort and a more relaxed sleep. You will feel as if you are sleeping in a separate bed.


This memory foam mattress is suitable for any person irrespective of their age, weight, body shape and preferred sleeping position. It can be used even by people prone to allergies and those with sensitive skin. I think it would be of great aid to individuals with back, neck and shoulder problems.


  • The benefits of LUCID memory foam mattress are:
  • Comfortable
  • Superb support
  • Excellent balance between firmness and softness
  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • 25-year warranty


The drawbacks of this LUCID memory foam mattress are:

  • The mattress may be a bit too thick for most fitted sheets – You need to get ones which will fit perfectly.
  • You may feel a slight chemical smell when you first use the mattress – It goes away in a couple of days, however.


This review finds the 16″ LUCID® by LinenSpa natural latex and memory foam mattress plush four-layer with bamboo charcoal bed to be one of the best products of its kind. It has superb benefits and advantages. I can recommend it with confidence.

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