Memory Foam: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is memory foam?

Memory Foam is the material of special structure that adapts to the shape of the body. Memory Foam is the invention of the space program NASA. The material was invented to support the astronauts during the takeoff and landing. Nowadays Memory Foam has enjoyed wide popularity in conditions of life. From Memory Foam one produces orthopedic pillows and mattresses.

memory foam


  1. What is the structure of Memory Foam and in what way does it work?

Memory Foam has a porous structure. It consists of a great number of cells. The open form of a cell allows it to shrink. Under the influence of the body weight and temperature the cells are shrinking, thus the material molds to the body shape and position. When the Memory Foam remains unaffected, the material keeps the body shape for 3-4 seconds more. In 10 seconds the material takes its usual form. In this way the memory cells act. Memory Foam improves blood circulation and reduces pain. By using this fantastic material you can forget about discomfort and troubled slumber.

  1. How memory foam toppers are used?

You may have a spring mattress that meets all you requirements. However you may want try the wonderful properties of a Memory Foam mattress. So in this case instead of purchasing a new bed that may cost up to $1500, you can buy a Memory Foam topper. Just add the topper on your bed. The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper can be used on foam, sofa, and latex beds as well as on a fold way bed.

  1. What are the healing properties of the Memory Foam?

Memory Foam ensures the ideal head, neck and spine support. Doctors recommend people using memory Foam pillows and mattresses who suffer from spine diseases, spinal curvature, osteochondrosis, etc. the healing properties of the Memory Foam products are the following ones:

  • It beats tiredness;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Reduce lo-back pains and headaches;
  • Improves the effectiveness of rehabilitation spinal trauma treatments.
  • Memory Foam products ensure descent sleep; help to maintain a healthy spine.
  1. Is there a need to rotate Memory Foam mattresses?

During the very first month, it is advisable to rotate the mattress from head to foot. This will ensure the necessary breaking in as well as weight distribution. Do not flip the memory foam mattress.

  1. Do Memory Foam products make one sweaty or hot?

No, they don’t. The memory foam products adapt to body, temperature and position. The natural temperature of the body helps the memory foam to create ideal conditions for personalized comfort and sleep.

  1. How do I care for Memory Foam products and how do I clean it?

It is not recommended to wash, machine and dry memory foam pillows and memory foam mattress pads. Remove stains and spots from the memory foam products by using a mild detergent. You can put memory foam products near an open window.

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