Memory Foam Mattress vs. Spring Mattress

The first and foremost question asked by any person looking to buy a best memory foam mattress for the very first time is of course that of what makes them preferable to the spring mattress. After all, both types are purchase and used by tens of millions of people each and every year, therefore they must both have their own unique plus-points, right?

Right indeed, but always there is clear winner in the memory foam mattress vs. spring mattress debate – at least if being 100% honest.

Memory Foam Mattress vs. Spring Mattress

Areas for Consideration

Despite the fact that both the spring mattress and the memory foam mattress are seen as some of the less-exciting and purely essential purchases in life, the responsibility they carry is huge. After all, can you think of anything you will be using for an average of eight hours non-stop each and every day for the rest of your life?

Indeed, sleep is one of the biggest and most important parts of life, which in turn means that the choice of mattress to be invested in must be taken seriously.

As such, when deciding between the two it is important to look at:

  • Overall Comfort
  • Health Benefits
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Usable Life
  • Affordability

So, in order to find out which of the two comes out on top, all of the above must be factored in.

While a spring mattress can indeed feel quite wonderfully comfortable to lie on, each and every example shares the same fundamental design-flaw. The problem with these kinds of mattresses is the way in which rather than making allowances for the shape of the body, the person in question will in fact find that to some extent their own body has to adapt to the firmness and design of the mattress.

In the case of the memory foam mattress, the special material actually adapts to each and every curve of the body to offer an incredible level of balanced support which is guaranteed to give you a better night’s sleep.

Health Benefits

A continuation of the above, any spring mattress that does not deliver optimum support is at risk of creating painful points of pressure all across the body of the person in question.

In turn, the result can be one of the exacerbation of existing medical conditions or perhaps even the creation of new ones, which is of course the last thing anyone seeking a new mattress will be hoping for. The very best memory foam mattress on the other hand has the potential to deliver the exact opposite in the form of relief from and resistance to a world of sleep-related aches, pains and health complaints.


Something of a no-score-draw in this instance as if afforded at least a little though and consideration, any mattress can be a breeze to look after. Regardless of the mattress size and design, all that is needed to keep things in order is a good airing every day, frequent vacuuming and the addition of a top sheet or cover to protect from stains and unnecessary wear.

Another point for the memory foam mattress or memory foam matter topper is that the vast majority of leading and even discount memory foam mattress brands are guaranteed to last up to ten years. The reason for this is the plain and simple fact that the technology used is so far in advance of even the very best sprung standard mattress that the latter simply cannot keep up over the longer-term.


Last but by no means least, price always comes in as a biggie. True, you might be able to pick up conventional twin mattress for a lower price than comparable memory foam twin mattresses, but you have to ask what you are getting for your money. While the twin mattress size, shape and appearance of the two may appear the same, there is simply no disputing the way in which the memory foam mattress delivers a considerably superior overall package.

What’s more, in most instances the usable life of the memory foam mattress will be so far ahead of the spring mattress that the superior options actually works out the very best value for money – remarkable!

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