Memory Foam Mattresses: Advantages & Disadvantages

All the products have advantages and disadvantages & memory foam mattresses are no exception. The first thing is to learn about the components, after that you can list down the pros & cons of the memory foam mattress. Knowing about the positives & negatives will certainly help you to judge the quality of the product. It provides a chance for you to pick what is right & what is not right for you.

  • The visco-elasticness is a great feature for memory foam mattresses. It would allow you to sleep in every possible position without any discomfort. It is an exceptional feature for a memory foam mattress because it can conform any shape & weight with the help of this visco-elastic nature.
  • If you are not sleeping alone, then it is a great product for you. Any moderation like turning or heavy tossing happening around any side of the bed won’t have any effect to the opposite side. You don’t have to worry about the other person sleeping along because your movement won’t disturb his sleep.
  • This memory foam mattress molds accordingly to the pressure of your body& spread the weight equally. It helps the body not to feel any strains. It also protects the critical points of your body.
  • It is a perfect mattress for the people suffering from pains & aches. The pressure relieving technology helps to remove the extra body pressure.
  • This mattress maintains the body temperature while you sleep. It is perfectly able to keep you cool when it is warmer outside & vice versa. The technology of the mattress responds to your body temperature accordingly & let you have a good night’s sleep.
  • The mattress aligns your spine correctly & ensures a healthy & invigorating sleep.
  • Polyurethane is a major component of this mattress that protects it from various debris & dirt. It is also anti allergenic. Allergy sufferers can feel free to use the product.


Along with the advantages one may find other disadvantages  associated with this memory foam mattress. It is equally important too. Let’s focus on some of the disadvantages

  • A pure foam mattress keeps sinking down to the bottom & sometimes it is not a pleasant experience.
  • These mattresses are durable enough, but after a certain period of time it begins to get old & clumped up. You might notice it when it will push your weight to get flattened.
  • Because of the flexible nature, it adjusts your body weight perfectly, but fails to provide a firm support. This is not an ideal choice for those who prefer firmness in their mattress. If you are the person who likes to turn it around & toss it up, then it will not be a suitable option as your body would go deep into it & sink. That’s what we call a low support problem.
  • The hot temperature of the memory foam mattress may cause problems for the people who are sensitive to high temperature. It becomes annoying if you sweat a lot during the sleep time. The mattress may become the reason for your continuous sweating, which may result into a restless sleep.
  • One may experience slight smell when used These mattresses are treated with chemicals & they might leave off smells. It may air out after a few days & it is an irritating issue.
  • Sometimes the cost seems a little too much but it varies from brand to brand.

If you are facing problems with your memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper, you  can check out the solution here.

Yes, we believe that everything has strong points, but it doesn’t make them flawless.  The world itself is imperfect & noting here can fulfill the perfect criteria. But, a few negative points affect a little when sleeping in comfort is an issue. I can assure one thing that the best memory foam mattress would definitely give you more than a decent sleeping experience. Obviously it would help you sleep well. It is a very popular category & modern one too. So, it is advisable to read all the features & attributes carefully before you choose a memory foam mattress.

The following infographic will sum up the advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattresses:

Memory foam mattress advantages and disadvantages

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