Risks of using Low Density Foam for Memory Foam Topper

Memory foam is a high-end product. Since it has gained so much popularity in recent times, it is not surprising to see so many manufacturers coming up with cheap versions trying to lure the customers. They sell cheap products in the name of bargain deals trying to fool the customers. While there is nothing wrong in looking for bargain deals, it should be done keeping in mind that you don’t compromise with the quality of the product. There are multiple risks associated with using cheaper and bad quality memory foam toppers and mattresses. Not only will they be more expensive in longer term but also affect your family’s health. Given below are a few risks you take when you opt for cheaper, low-quality memory foams mattresses and toppers.

Risk #1: There is a variety of memory foam mattresses and toppers which are made in other countries where the regulations are not as stringent as in America. Manufacturers take advantage of this fact and use low-quality raw material. And cheap chemicals like formaldehyde in the manufacturing process which can cause allergic reactions and/or unpleasant smells.

Memory Foam Toppers

Tip: Buy your mattress or topper from a reputable American manufacturer that does not use dangerous chemicals to produce their foam.

Risk #2: Cheap or low-quality foam breaks down quickly leading to flaking and crumbling before it even leaves the shelf. This may not be apparent when you buy it but will soon start appearing to your horror. This is simply a result of low-quality materials and low-tech production techniques. This may be hazardous to the health of people using them.

Tip: Again, buy from a reputed company. The high quality foam lasts longer, up to 20 years long. The low-quality foam starts breaking very soon, maybe in a few weeks itself.  It is worth paying a bit more to ensure that you are buying a good quality, durable and reliable product so that you have sleep comfortably.

Risk #3:  Many of these low quality foams are created on large sheets something like cookie sheets. Liquid foam is poured in and allowed to settle as it cures. This produces inconsistencies in density, as gravity acts on the foam, drawing more material to the bottom. The result is foam with unpredictable densities; foam that is labeled as having a “4 pound density” may really only be 3 lbs. There are even some high-priced “mall brands” that still use this outdated process.

Tip: Always buy from a reputed manufacturer which uses more advanced processes to product these foams. There are a few manufacturers like Sleep-Aid which use a very modern technique called vacuum injection. In this method, liquid foam is injected into a sealed chamber filled with nothing but vacuum which helps in negating the effects of gravity. This ensures that the density is even throughout the foam. This method is also environment friendly since it produced less fumes.

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