Serta 2.5 Inch Gel-Memory Mattress Topper Review

A mattress topper is a great option if you have an old mattress you need to replace. You do not exactly have to buy a new mattress now. All you have to do is get a mattress topper that fits the size of your bed, be it the king size or the queen size. With this, you will have a new sleeping surface that has just the right density for the mattress and therefore the right amount of firmness.

Here, we are going to present to you one such product that is one of the best in the market.  Memory foam is the most sought after material when it comes to mattress toppers. The product we are going to discuss here is the Serta 2.5-Inch Gel-Memory Mattress Topper. First of all, let us go through the characteristic features of the mattress topper.



This mattress topper is 2.5 inches thick and is the ideal size for your old mattress. The high density sleeping surface provides the correct firmness so that it is neither too soft nor too hard. This means when you sleep at night, your body will not leave long lasting impressions on the bed.

Gel beads

This specific mattress topper is made from memory foam with infused gel beads. This helps distribute the heat of the body and thus maintains the body temperature. The distribution of heat will ensure that there is enough air circulation and the mattress remains well ventilated.

Patented gel formulation

This is another feature that we need to concentrate on. The patented gel formation prevents tossing and turning in bed at night so that you can sleep undisturbed. This provides a comfortable surface or platform for sleeping.

Pressure point relief

The ability of the mattress topper in relieving pressure points of the body goes a long way getting rid of body ailments. With this, your back ache, neck pains and shoulder pains will completely vanish. The mattress aligns your spine in a straight way so that you have a good sleeping posture.

Therapeutic support

Apart from providing optimum comfort, this mattress topper does well to offer therapeutic support. It will perfectly take care of all arthritic issues catering to the issues and ailments of the bones and joints in the body. Besides, this is hygienic and keeps your safe.

These are the mere product features. In order to make an informed decision on the product, we need to have a more practical outlook and analyze the mattress topper well. For this reason, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages offered by the product.

Serta 2.5 Inch Gel-Memory Mattress Topper Review


  • Because of the infused gel beads, this product works well to alleviate the pressure points. This helps you get rid of joint pains.
  • Throughout the night, you will get an optimum sleeping temperature that keeps you well at all time during the day.
  • The mattress topper comes with a 100% Egyptian cotton cover that is machine washable. This cover is breathable and soft and keeps the mattress safe.
  • This product instantly increases the lifespan of the old mattress without having to pay for a new mattress.
  • The mattress topper helps reduce tossing and turning in bed at night so that you can have a peaceful sleep.
  • The mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and also resistant to allergens. This ensures that your bed remains hygienic without chances of you getting any disease or allergy.
  • Since the mattress distributes the heat evenly, you will not feel hot during the summer months.


  • When you first unpack the mattress topper, you will be encountered with an odor but that will dissipate in a day or two.

After all these features, pros and cons, we can safely say that the mattress has more benefits than negatives. So this is definitely worth a try!