Should You Choose Gel Memory Foam Over Traditional Memory Foam Mattress?

It may not seem like a big deal when you spend one sleepless light but if it threatens to become something permanent then you may be staring at something of a major problem. Lack of sleep causes you to lose your energy which results in your general health and quality of day-to-day life suffering a great deal. Both gel memory foam and memory foam can offer a soft and durable solution in this regard, helping you get back the many hours of quality sleep that had gone missing from your life all of a sudden! Mattresses made from these materials provide the necessary support and comfort to help tackle the everyday sleep-related problems.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam – more specifically a best memory foam mattress – is a specially designed product that molds cleverly as per the contours of your body so that you can enjoy a night of peaceful and supportive sleep. This technology was originally brought into existence by NASA. It makes use of individual cells that hug the shape of your body so that you get the maximum possible degree of comfort. This material tends to be sensitive towards body heat so when you lie on its surface, you get a great support irrespective of the position you are sleeping in.

A memory foam mattress comes in particularly handy for those who suffer from back problems because they are highly responsive to the surface. This ensures that your spine is maintained in perfect alignment, allowing its natural curves to be completely relaxed. If you wish to get the ultimate comfort in your sleep, opt for a memory foam mattress that offers cooling technology as this will ensure your body is maintained at an optimum temperature while you sleep at night.

Cool Memory Foam Mattress Topper

What is a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

A gel mattress is designed to contain a unique support layer so that it is softer and gives you a highly durable feel. Thanks to the unique gel effect, its open cell structure moulds into the individual shape of your body. It also ensures that the foam does not grow too cold or too hot and makes you feel uncomfortable while you sleep.

You can opt for a choice of solid gel mattresses or one that comes with a mix of gel and spring layers. A gel memory foam mattress is ideal for someone looking for a mattress in the comfort grade of medium soft, medium, or medium firm.

Benefit of using a memory foam mattress

The memory foam material has been around for a number of years and is a proven choice among durable mattress material. A memory foam mattress tends to last for many years and sometimes even a few decades without causing any sort of issues. They are available in a number of varying densities with 4lbs per cubic foot being regarded as the product of highest quality.

On a more general level, any memory foam mattress that has a greater density offers better response in terms of its durability. At the same time, it also needs to be noted that a denser mattress is going to cost a lot more than otherwise.

Benefits of using a gel memory foam mattress

A major complain from those who are frequent users of memory foam mattresses is that these tend to get warm and uncomfortable overnight. A gel foam memory mattress comes with gel-infused foams or beads that give it a better breathability and can go a long way in helping you remain cool.

It should be mentioned here that gel foam is a relatively modern technology and its durability has not been subjected to any kind of thorough test as yet. According to experts, the open structure prevalent in a gel memory foam mattress may prove to be the determinant factor in ensuring that it retains its shape better over time.

Some aspects of similarity between a memory foam and a gel memory foam mattress

  • Both material gives minimum motion disturbance. If the person you are sharing your bed with turns out to be a restless sleeper, both these material will ensure that you are not disturbed at night
  • They are resistant to dust, bacteria, and mold so that you experience were breathing problems and other issues with allergies
  • They provide relief to your pressure points by giving an even support to your body such that you can avoid the pain while you sleep

Why is gel memory foam a better choice than memory foam mattress?

It will give you all the benefits you get with traditional memory foam

As with any other memory foam product, gel memory foam tends to be comfortable and durable. It is resistant to any kind of motion transfer so even if the person you are sharing your bed with tends to move around or get in and out of bed, your sleep won’t be disturbed in any way.

Better balance and support

With gel memory foam you get a firm but comfortable surface to sleep on. It provides a perfect fit for your body and prevents it from sinking in too deep. This happens to be one of the biggest concerns of those who use traditional memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam products come with an extra degree of support where your body requires it the most so that you can enjoy just the right amount of contact.

Alignment of your spine

When your body enjoys being cradled in the appropriate manner such that the pressure is taken off your hips and shoulder, your spine can enjoy a proper alignment. When you get up in the morning with your back feeling good, it will make you rejuvenated and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Improved air circulation

Gel memory foam comprises gel beads that are integrated into the memory foam layer. This helps in setting up an open cell structure that allows more freedom during air flow and air movement. The heat that your body produces dissipates as you sleep through the night rather than getting stored into the mattress. Thus you get to enjoy a cool, comfortable sleep all through the night.


There was a time when memory foam mattresses were considered ingenuity but the emergence of gel memory foam has taken things a step further. If you have been staying up at night frequently in the recent past and don’t know what to do, switch to using gel memory foam mattresses and you are guaranteed the enjoyment of a comforting, relaxing sleep through the night.

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