SilverRest Sleep Shop Luxury Grand 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Will the SilverRest Sleep Shop Luxury Grand 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Give You a Good Night’s Sleep?

Not every mattress is created equal but the SilverRest Sleep Shop 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is blowing away its competition by offering the highest level of comfort and design that makes sleeping as much a luxury as it is a necessity.

While other foam mattresses promise to deliver a product that gives you the best night’s sleep you can possibly have, this mattress truly delivers on that promise and then some.

Product Features

The SilverRest Sleep Shop 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has many product features that cannot be found on most other foam mattresses, including:

  • Using high quality five-pound visco elastic memory foam
  • Responding quickly to the temperature of your body as well as the shape of your body
  • Four-way zippers cover
  • Extra responsiveness and comfort
  • A twenty-year warranty
  • A 120-day in-home trial

A mattresses’ density is measured by pounds per cubic feet and the higher the number, the better the memory foam and the greater the pressure relief. Many memory foam manufacturers stick with a three-pound density, but the SilverRest sleep memory foam mattress is a five-pound density mattress so you know you are getting a mattress that is sure to provide top notch comfort.

Memory foam is unique in that it conforms to your body’s shape so you feel as if you are completely surrounded by soft, plush comfort while you sleep. Your body’s temperature will not heat up the mattress either due to its dual airflow system, which keeps the mattress (and you) cool while you sleep.

This provides extra responsiveness and comfort so you do not wake up in the middle of the night, soaked from sweating on an overheated mattress. The four-way zipper cover is easy to take off and wash when needed and is a combination of a satin-like material with a stretch knit on its top. The SilverRest mattress knows it has a product that even the pickiest snoozer will love, which is why it offers a twenty-year warranty as well as a 120-day in-home trial.

SilverRest Sleep Shop Luxury Grand 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress


What Buyers Like About the Product

People who purchased the SilverRest Memory Foam Mattress could not be happier with their decision.

Among some of the reasons they are raving about this product are:

  • The tremendous relief they get from their back pain
  • The inability to feel the person next to them moving in their sleep
  • It’s above average quality in terms of manufacturing and design

Many people do not get a good night’s sleep, because they suffer from chronic back pain. This is one of the biggest reasons people opt for a SilverRest luxury grand foam mattress. It contours the body and relieves the stress off the pressure points that can keep you from sleeping well at night.

One happy buyer had been plagued with back problems for years and was never able to get a restful night’s sleep. In one month, she noticed that she does not wake up with back pain, does not toss and turn, and sleeps through the night comfortably and soundly. Her husband has been sleeping better as well.

The problem with many traditional mattresses is that every time the person next to you moves or rolls over, you feel it too. But with a 14 inch memory foam mattress like the one made by SilverRest, you do not have to worry about feeling every toss and turn waking you up and disturbing your sleep. A new mom proudly reports that her ten-month old baby who co-sleeps with her is no longer waking up every time there is movement in the bed from her or her husband. The baby now gets a better night’s sleep—as does mom and dad.

Aside from the high level of comfort, the mattress itself is of superior quality with regards to the way it is made and the way it looks. Many have commented on the fine workmanship of the mattress related to the stitching, design and overall look. Unlike other mattresses, the SilverRest Sleep Shop 14-Inch Mattress did not look cheap, despite its low cost.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product

A few buyers did not fall in love with the SilverRest 14-Inch Memory Foam as easily as others.

Among their criticisms were:

  • The smell of the mattress
  • Difficulty getting out of the bed
  • Too much heat when sleeping on your stomach

Many buyers commented that the smell of the mattress was a bit too much. While some said the smell eventually dissipates or is lessened when a sheet is put on it, some could not stand the smell that is often common with memory foam mattresses. One buyer said after a few days, he was debating whether or not the smell was a manufacturing issue and if he should return it. He decided to hang in there a bit longer and did notice the smell waning from the mattress. It just took some time.

Another criticism people have, and one that is expected with a best memory foam mattress, is that when your body is completely conformed with the mattress, getting out of bed can be difficult. A woman who bought the bed had no problem with this, but her elderly mom who slept on it and has difficulty getting up and standing was not able to easily get out of the bed without assistance. For those with disabilities or conditions were getting out of bed is difficult to begin with, this might not be the best choice of mattresses for them.

Finally, stomach sleepers were not happy with the heat that was being emitted from the mattress while they slept. One woman discovered that when she slept on her stomach on this mattress, the combination of high heat reserves from the blood around the stomach, combined with a lack of skeletal support, made for a not so comfortable night’s sleep. She said her stomach would sink too deep into the mattress which created too much of a curve in her back, producing back pain upon waking up in the morning.


If you suffer from back problems either on a regular basis or due to an old or poorly designed mattress, the SilverRest Sleep Luxury Grand 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress should be high on your must-buy list. The coolness, density, body contouring abilities and plush feel all lend itself to providing you with a great night’s sleep. The reasonable cost compared with other memory foam mattresses makes the SilverRest Memory Foam Mattress an even better deal so you can rest comfortably, knowing you got a great foam mattress at a great price.

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