Sleep Aid Mattress Topper

I am giving you a good review on Sleep Aid mattress topper. One of the visitors was kind enough to send it to me (thanks Jeff) so I am more than happy to show you the entire version. Maybe some of you will decide to go for this topper, who knows.

“Having been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) in my early twenties, I could never sleep very comfortably and get complete rest at night, often getting woken up by pain in the region of my lower back, till one day I discovered my memory foam mattress topper that changed my life altogether. This mattress topper provided all the needed support to my pressure points, I mean the points of the body that press the hardest against the bed, in my case the back, as I like to sleep straight on my back You see, a memory foam mattress topper allows a uniform distribution of weight of the occupier of bed. This induces better sleep without any pain or numbness caused by poor circulation of blood while you are sleeping.

Sleep Aid Mattress Topper


Such toppers for memory foam mattresses are available in all the three sizes i.e. twin, queen and king, and in thickness of 2, 3, or 4 inches. Accordingly, the price varies, depending upon the dimensions and the brand you choose.

NASA developed memory foam in the seventies for the astronaut’s flight chair enabling them to experience the diminished affects of gravitational force on their bodies while taking off. The excellent results so obtained encouraged its use in hospitals for providing comfort to patients by incorporating it in their beds. Soon, it came to be used by common man. The memory foam mattress topper comprises of visco-elastic layers, the same space age material that permits equal weight disbursement, irrespective of the weight of the user.

Two types of memory foam mattress covers are available. Novaform is one. It is made by poring liquid foam into trays and allowed to cool there. Novaform characteristically reduces the level of movement or depression of the mattress in that area. Try recalling the TV commercial where a man jumps onto a mattress without spilling over the contents of a wine glass on the mattress. The earlier generations of memory foam mattress toppers had problem of dispersing body heat of the occupier. Modern visco-elastic materials move the body heat away by increasing airflow. These mattresses can be washed in machines and are provided with warranty.

The healthy characteristics of memory foam are that it does not accommodate humidity or provide route to dust mites to go and settle on or inside its surface. It’s thus safe from the ill effects of allergies, respiratory troubles and helps avoiding asthmatic attacks. That promotes better sleep.

Novaform has a competitor named Sleep Aid. They are of the opinion that foam poured in liquid form causes a mattress to have varying density from top to the bottom. A new manufacturing process, that produces foam in vacuum chambers, was developed to ensure that the mattress continues to have a uniform density. Further, Novaorm because of its density and chemical structure can still create hot spots during night. Sleep Aid product on the other hand, come with Heat Reduction Channels (HRC) that are created during the finishing process that makes deep cuts to provide ventilation grooves in the surface of the pad, thus facilitating circulation of air that keeps you cool. Keeping your bedroom temperature to 65 degrees add comfort to sleep.

I bought mine in 2005 and that was the best purchase of the year. I only wish to have bought it sooner. I don’t have back pain or stiffness in the mornings. I feel warm and comfortable in bed at night, as if in a cocoon. One big limitation of memory foam topper is that it absorbs body heat. I overcome that by keeping low the temperature of my bedroom and leave the fan on for air to keep circulating.

Don’t feel irritated by the odor of a new mattress topper. It’s usual for a new mattress, irrespective of its brand, to have that slight odor that passes off soon. Another thing is to check the length of the mattress at the point of purchase. It helps to have one that is shorter by an inch or two to facilitate changing of sheets.

To cap it all: a best memory foam mattress topper is detrimental to dust, mites or bed bugs, a feature that will be highly appreciated by allergy-sufferers. It is of great help to those suffering with back ache, joint pains, or prescribed for bed rest, anybody for that matter who wants to have a good night’s rest to rejuvenate body. I’m considering one for my grandchildren too. May be they won’t crawl to their parents’ bed in the middle of the night if they had the comfort of a mattress topper.”

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