Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress review

A good night’s sleep can make you feel fresh and ready to face any number of battles that might come your way during the day. However, most of us have no idea how to choose a mattress according to particular requirements which will give the utmost comfort to a tired body and soul. Sleep innovations Memory foam mattresses offer you some of the most scientifically designed products to give you major comfort so that you sleep well and wake up feeling like a new person.

Introducing the Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

A Sleep innovations 10 inch Memory foam mattress is designed using visco-elastic PU foam, which has millions of sphere shaped open cells which respond to the body’s pressure points and temperature and form an outline to match the shape of your body giving support where it is needed. Memory mattresses are different from other mattresses because the open cells let the air to flow freely and prevent excessive heat. These have been used extensively by health institutes and hospitals because of the efficient support that they provide to the patient’s body and prevent additional stress that can result from being bed-ridden for long period of time.

Ultimate Sleep Support

Sleep Innovations Shea 10 inch Memory foam mattress is a comfortable innovation that gives your body more support than a conventional spring mattress while costing about the same. The change in quality of sleep can be observed within a fortnight. Sleep innovations mattress is designed such that when you change body posture while sleeping, it immediately adjusts to support the movement and coddle the body better. The mattress will allow your body to sink better where the body exerts more pressure such as while sleeping on your side or while leaning on an elbow to read a book, the shoulders, hips and bellow will sink deeper thus allowing the body to lie straighter.

Another very significant advantage that Sleep innovations mattress has is that it does not trap in body heat or moisture. This makes sleep more comfortable and also easier to care for the mattress. It will ensure that there is no weird odor or smell coming from the mattress even after prolonged use.

Specifications and Features

The mattress is shipped in a vacuum packed state and weighs about 80 pounds. It needs a day or two to fully gain its size and structure and to air out. The mattress does not carry any industrial smell and comes in a zippered fabric cover.

Some features of the mattress are:

  • It gives a cradling comfort to support your body posture and help you sleep better and comes with two Memory foam bonus pillows.
  • The mattress has a medium firm feel to it and is ideal for side and back sleepers with small or big body statures.
  • It is designed to give pressure point relief and personalized alignment each time you go to bed.
  • It is engineered from a DuoComfort design containing a Classic comfort top layer of 3 inches SureTemp memory foam and 7 inches of Support-plus foam.
  • It comes with a 20 year limited warranty.
  • It is covered in a soft poly-cotton mattress cover.

If you prefer a mattress that has a firm feel and if you tend to sleep warm you have found the mattress of your life. It will firmly cradle you and regulate the temperature. Also Memory foam mattresses come in variety of sizes because they believe that one size does not fit all. It will give you all the benefits of a tempurapedic mattress but at a very affordable price tag.

Easy Care

Caring for the mattress is easy and won’t cost you any extra money. It will not develop odor overtime even if you tend to sweat a lot while sleeping due to its open cell technology which lets the air flow freely in the mattress.

If you are fed up of continuous back aches, disturbed sleep and feeling perpetually tired you need to give a serious thought about changing your mattress to the Sleep innovations 10 inch Memory foam mattress. So say adieu to insomnia and say hello to well-rested beautiful mornings because the satisfaction that a good night’s sleep is incomparable, and this entire package well within your budget.

Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress review

What to Watch Out For

If you are planning to order the Sleep Innovations Shea 10 inch Memory foam mattress online, be aware that it comes vacuum sealed in a relatively large box and weighs approximately 80 lbs. If you cannot lift and move it on your own, it would be helpful to make sure that you have some help unpacking it when you receive it.

Once unpacked, the mattress will need a few days to fully expand and air out, so do not unpack it directly onto a box spring if you can help it. It is ideal to unpack it and let it expand and air out on a floor in a well ventilated room if you can.

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