Types of mattresses and their Advantages, Disadvantages

Mattresses can be of different sizes and forms. It is desirable to choose a mattress individually. In this article some types of mattresses are described.

Water beds give a person optimum surface for sleep without any excess pressure and discomfort. The bigger part of the water bed adjoins with the whole body. That is why it adjusts to the contours of the body wonderfully. However these beds have some disadvantages. The thing is that people may have different weight distribution. That is why if a person has heavy thighs the water may shift to the area of shoulders. It causes squeezing of the shoulders. It may happen that some people like to sleep on one side. In this case the water bed may become the reason of spinal curvature. Some water beds are made of several chambers which are designed for two people. However it is difficult to find the precise balance.

This problem is solved owing to the change of quantity of water. But water beds are very heavy and moreover one needs to change the water about twice or thrice a year.

Type of Mattresses

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According to the advertisements the air makes the air mattresses more comfortable than innerspring mattresses and more steadfast than the water beds. This type of mattresses gives a good support to the whole body. Each air molecule supports the definite parts of the body. Thus the body weight is distributed on the bed’s surface evenly. Air mattresses consist of two chambers, allowing each person to inflate a chamber with a compressor according to one’s preference. One can regulate the solidity of the air mattress making it soft or very hard. However it should be noted that the compressor sure buzzing loudly.

Latex foam is also very popular. Latex is a natural material which represents milky sap of a rubber tree. The manufacture of latex mattresses does not pollute the environment. However the side effect is explained by the presence of crust which appears while manufacturing mattresses of natural latex. In this case such mattresses absorb moisture very well but it remains inside. That is why sometimes latex foam may seem damp. Mattresses which are made of synthetic latex are considered to be better. The content of latex makes up less than 20 %. This latex foam secures right position of the body and correct temperature while sleeping. The main advantage of latex mattresses is long term of use. They also have a maximum orthopedic effect.

Innerspring mattresses are made on the basis of sections. The number of springs defines the stickiness and term of use of innerspring mattresses. The whole mattress consists of many springs which are connected together. The stickiness is distributed along the whole length of the mattress. In addition it has not any orthopedic effect. A person should choose an innerspring mattress according to his/her weight. It is worth mentioning that coils squeak after a definite term of use.

Another variant of innerspring mattresses presupposes the use of independent or pocket coils. The coils which have cylindrical form are put into special pockets which are sewed together. The coils do not squeak because they are not fixed together. Many medics do not advice purchasing innerspring mattresses because the inner construction represents a place where dust is accumulated. In addition after a definite term of use the whole body is strained during sleeping on such mattresses. In the issue in the morning sometimes it is difficult to bend down and to turn one’s head.
Memory Foam material was first invented by NASA in order to reduce rams pressure loading. But the properties of this material proved useful to people on the earth. The memory foam material reacts to the body weight and temperature. It supports the sleeping position of the body very well, by making hollows for different parts of the body. Such mattress guarantees the support of the musculoskeletal apparatus because it adjusts to the contours of body. The orthopedic effect by memory foam is very good. These mattresses are recommended to people who suffer from insomnia and who have problems with spinal column and articulations. It is the best variant for two people with different body weights who share one bed.

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