Your Chronic Back Pain Relief with Memory Foam Mattress

People with chronic back pain need to carefully select furniture such as a best memory foam mattress that will provide plenty of support while they are in resting positions. This will allow their body to relax so that the muscles are not tensing and putting more pressure on troublesome spots that tend to be uncomfortable.

Sleeping in a relaxed position is the first step in chronic back pain relief but you also need to make sure you are getting support for your whole body so you do not wake up uncomfortable from being contorted all night. Memory foam will align to your body and provide just a bit of resistance to hold you up so you can lie in any position you like, without having to worry about getting relief for your back.

Back Pain Relief with Memory Foam Mattress

Addressing Firmness

In the past, the firmest memory foam mattress pads you could get your hands on were considered best for those with pack pain, but that is not necessarily considered true today.

When you need a great deal of support that will be inflexible, focus on getting a high density bed, though medium density will also offer plenty of support as well

Those with low back pain may wish to avoid low density beds since they do not offer much support but rather focus on comfort and softness

Also make sure the bed has a top layer that is at least 3.5 inches thick to avoid putting pressure on the uncomfortable polyurethane foam that rests below the memory foam layer

If you have been diagnosed with chronic back pain then talk with your doctor regarding what the cause of your pain is and what kind of support you need. If you have this kind of information before you start shopping it will be much easier for representatives from mattress companies to point you toward models that would help with the issues you have been experiencing.

Support without Eliminating Comfort

Chronic back pain treatment will only be successful if you relax, especially when you are asleep and holding still for hours each night.

Look for beds that are heat and pressure sensitive so that you get an adjusted amount of pressure for each part of your body

Avoid beds with a low density that may not offer a high level of support for pressure points like shoulders and hips

Similarly, you should avoid a very high density mattress that might provide too much resistance and make you sore when you try and sleep on it

Get plenty of top layers so your mattress has plenty of room to adjust to your body

When you select a memory mattress or memory foam mattress pad, pick one that is specifically intended for those with back trouble. These will include the perfect level of support to ease away your pain while still giving you room to sink into your bed and relax each night. You don’t want to feel like you are sleeping on a sturdy board that is putting too much pressure on your back.

Keeping a Mattress Fresh

Chronic back pain is often made worse by keeping an old, worn out mattress that can no longer provide the kind of support you need.

Low density beds tend to wear out and sag sooner than those with a higher density foam

If you have had your mattress for several years inspect it regularly to check for signs of wear and tear that might impact how well you sleep

Make note of how your back pain symptoms appear to be progressing and address any mattress issues that might be contributing if they appear to be returning or getting worse

Even if you do not see any issues with your mattress, it should be replaced if you are uncomfortable

One of the main issues people have when they sleep is keeping their mattress longer than it should be in your home. Most companies recommend you replace your mattress every 8-10 years, though this is often increased to 20 or so with memory foam. Read these instructions carefully when you buy a new mattress so you know how long your bed is intended to last.

Bottom Line

Those with chronic back pain can see incredible improvements when they upgrade to a memory foam mattress if they take the time to select a product that is specifically intended for the sleep issues they have.

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